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Lesson 2: Number Series (Free)

The next question type we will look at is Number Series. These questions will show you a series of numbers, and you will have to figure out what number comes next. For example, what number would come next in this series?


That’s right, the correct answer is 5. But most questions will be a little harder than that. On the CogAT, these questions also look different. They use pictures with rows of beads that you will have to count, so the questions will look like this:

The answer is still 5, but will be a picture of 5 beads instead, like this:

CogAT Number Series Abacus

There are a few types of patterns that you will see in Number Series questions. Let’s take a look at a few and try some examples.

This is only an excerpt from the full Number Series Lesson. The rest of this lesson is only available in our full CogAT 2nd Grade Course.