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Lesson 9: Paper Folding (Free)

The last question type that we will review is Paper Folding. These questions are probably nothing like anything you’ve ever seen in school! 

In these questions, you will be shown a piece of paper being folded. Then, some shapes will be cut from the paper. You will have to figure out what the paper will look like when it’s unfolded. 

Here is an example: 

CogAT 2nd Grade Paper Folding Free

In this example, the paper is folded one time. Then, a pentagon is cut out. When it is unfolded, there will be 2 pentagons on either side of where the paper was folded with a little space in between them. This makes the first option the correct answer.

Let’s take a look at some tips for solving these questions.

This is only an excerpt from the full Paper Folding Lesson. The rest of this lesson is only available in our full CogAT 1st Grade Course.