Lesson 5: Verbal Analogies (Free)

The next question type we will go over is Verbal Analogies. An analogy is just a comparison between two words. You will be presented with a pair of words, followed by a single word. You will have to figure out what word goes with the last word in the same way the first two words go together. Here is an example: 

apple → tree :: egg → 

a. pan
b. chicken
c. cook
d. break
e. chef

The words apple and tree go together in a certain way. Your job is to find what word goes with egg in the same way. What is the connection between them?

First, look at the first pair. An apple comes from a tree. The third word is egg. An egg comes from a chicken, making that the correct answer.

apple → tree :: egg → chicken

In this lesson, we’ll look at some basic strategies, as well as some common relationships that show up frequently in these questions.

This is only an excerpt from the full Verbal Analogies Lesson. The rest of this lesson is only available in our full CogAT 6th Grade Course.