Lesson 8: Figure Classification (Free)

The next question type we will go over is Figure Classification. These questions are similar to the Verbal Classification questions from Lesson 6, except instead of words, each question will show you 3 figures. You will have to determine how they go together, and then pick a figure from the answer choices that also goes together with them.

Here is an example:

CogAT 3rd Grade Figure Classification Free Sample

Just like with the Verbal Classification questions, it’s important to try to figure out how these 3 figures go together before you look at the answer choices. Once you have found the pattern, you can look at the answer choices and choose the right answer. The correct answer to this question is the blue heart with the arrow. All of these shapes have an arrow as part of the shape.

Let’s go over some patterns that may appear in these questions.

This is only an excerpt from the full Figure Classification Lesson. The rest of this lesson is only available in our full CogAT 6th Grade Course.