Lesson 1: Verbal Comprehension (Free)

The first question category we will look at its Verbal Comprehension. This section includes just one question type: Following Directions. These questions will have 4 pictures, but there won’t be any written questions or instructions. Your teacher will read the question out loud to you. For example, you may see a question that looks like this:

Do you know the correct answer? It’s impossible to tell what it is until your teacher reads you the question! Your job is to listen closely to the question, and then choose the correct answer. Click play to listen to the question below:

All of these choices have a circle and a square in them, but only the fourth one has a circle next to a square. The other 3 choices all have another shape between the square and the circle.

These questions will test you on words like “between”, “above”, “below”, “next to”, and many other directional words to make sure you are paying attention. Let’s look at some more examples together.

This is only an excerpt from the full Verbal Comprehension Lesson. The rest of this lesson is only available in our full OLSAT Courses.