Lesson 3: Pictorial Reasoning (Free)

The next question category we will look at is Pictorial Reasoning. This category includes two question types: Picture Analogies and Picture Classification. Let’s start out with Picture Analogies first:

Picture Analogies

These questions will show you two pictures that go together in a certain way. Below them, there will be one more picture and an empty box. Your job is to figure out how the pictures in the top row go together, and then choose the answer that goes with the picture in the bottom row.

Here is an example:

CogAT 2nd Grade Free Picture Analogies

The first thing to do is to just look at the two pictures in the top row. The two pictures are of a tennis racket and a tennis ball. How do they go together? Both are used when playing tennis, and the racket is used to hit the ball.

Now that we know how they go together, let’s look at the bottom row. The first picture is a baseball bat. What would go together with a baseball bat the same way a tennis ball goes together with a tennis racket?

That’s right, the correct answer is a baseball. Just like you hit a tennis ball with a tennis racket, you hit a baseball with a baseball bat.

Let’s look at some more tips for answering these questions.

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