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Realistic Tests

All of our courses include realistic, full-length practice tests to simulate a real test-taking experience.

Detailed Lessons

Topic-specific lessons and quizzes help your child learn key concepts that are likely to show up on the real test.

Structured Courses

Lessons, study schedules, and study guides simplify the preparation process and take out the guesswork for parents.

Instant Access

All of our courses are entirely online and can be accessed from any device in the comfort of your home.


Don’t waste time with extra, unrelated materials. Our courses focus only on the test your child is about to take.

Helpful Explanations

Upon completing a test or quiz, you will be able to view the correct answers and explanations for each question.

Test Prep Courses

Daniela B
Daniela B
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Great experience! My son who is 10 y.o. and gifted in math, enjoyed practicing all tests (verbal, quantitative, and non verbal). He had fun going through the lessons and quizzes (especially the long quizzes at the end of each category) over one weekend prior to taking the real CogAT tests at his school the very next week. He was well prepared and very excited to take the real tests. He was the only one who actually finished the real CogAT nonverbal test (the hardest, in my opinion) in his testing group at school. I loved how the lessons were structured and easy to follow. I highly recommend this program. Being prepared makes a big difference even for highly gifted children as my son.
Elizabeth Gleinser
Elizabeth Gleinser
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As a tutor, I have used this course as a resource to prepare students. I would highly recommend, one of the best resources I’ve seen for this type of test. The curriculum is well-designed, clear strategies and a good amount of practice problems. I would recommend this to other tutors to supplement resources as well as to parents working with their children.
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I have used several books and online courses to prepare my child for the CogAT and this one is hands down the best. The lessons included on how to answer the questions are very thoughtful and helpful. I would recommend this course to any parent looking to prepare their child for the CogAT.
Jacob B
Jacob B
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This course was very helpful for my son. Lots of practice questions. I liked that there were quizzes for all the question styles.
Gifted Test Prep Tutor

Preparation for Teachers & Tutors

Are you a teacher or a tutor looking for practice resources for your students? Learn more about how Elm Academy can help! 

About Gifted & Talented Tests

Gifted and talented programs are designed to move at an accelerated pace, allowing gifted children to excel in school and reach their full potential. These programs are very competitive, so schools will use a variety of methods in their selection process. This may include some combination of interviews, meetings, and written tests.

Popular gifted and talented tests include the CogAT, CCAT, SCAT, OLSAT, NNAT, and Iowa Assessments, to name a few. Each of these tests offers something unique, but they serve the same purpose of measuring your child’s critical thinking abilities. These tests generally do not test material covered in the classroom, but rather assess more abstract abilities such as recognizing patterns, making connections, and following instructions. The unique structure and content of these tests makes preparing for them a crucial step toward getting into a gifted and talented program.

Gifted & Talented Test Prep

Preparing for Gifted & Talented Tests

Since there isn’t any real “material” covered on the test, preparing for gifted and talented tests is less about learning specific information than it is learning the test itself. 

Each test has its own format with unique question types, so seeing what they look like, learning common concepts that show up frequently, and covering methods for solving them can give a child an advantage. Familiarizing your child with the test as much as possible, including taking a full-length practice test, is the best way to make sure they feel confident and ready on test day.

Research shows that young children sometimes do not fully understand what they are supposed to do on tests, especially when tasks are unfamiliar and test directions are brief.

– Riverside Insights, Publishers of the CogAT

About Elm Academy

Standardized testing is stressful. At Elm Academy, we’ve designed our online courses to minimize unnecessary stress and maximize your child’s performance. In addition to high quality, realistic practice materials, each course comes with a helpful parent guide that includes recommended study schedules and additional tips to make your preparation experience go as smoothly and stress-free as possible. Start preparing your child for their gifted and talented test today.

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