OLSAT 4th-5th Grade


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Realistic OLSAT Practice Tests

The best way to help your child prepare for the OLSAT is by taking realistic, full-length OLSAT practice tests. The test is filled with unique and likely unfamiliar question types that your child may struggle with if they go in unprepared. Becoming familiar with each of these question types so that they’re not seeing them for the first time on test day can go a long way toward achieving a high score on the test.

Practicing with full-length practice tests also allows your child to get used to working under the pressure of a time limit. Being able to pace yourself on a timed test is just as important as knowing how to answer the individual questions. All in all, experiencing a realistic practice test is the best way to prepare and to ensure that your child performs to the best of their abilities on the real test.

Course Structure & Study Schedule

Test prep companies or workbooks will often provide you with just study materials, and nothing else. Without any other direction or instruction, young children may struggle to prepare for such a daunting test. As parents, it’s difficult to know how to guide them through the process.

This is why we’ve created a structured course outline, and have included recommended study schedules and a parent guide for you to help your child through the preparation process. These will be the first things you see when accessing your account.

Detailed Lessons & Quizzes

Our OLSAT courses include lessons that go over each of the specific question types that appear on the test. The OLSAT’s unique question types will likely be unfamiliar and strange to your child, and these lessons will allow them to spend time learning each about each one and the specific concepts that show up frequently on the test. Each lesson is followed by a short quiz to review the concepts covered.

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About the OLSAT 4th & 5th Grade

The OLSAT, or Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, is a standardized multiple choice test that is frequently used to assess students for gifted and talented and other advanced school programs.

The basics:

  • 72 total questions
    • 36 Verbal Questions
    • 36 Nonverbal Questions
  • 60 minute administration time

The OLSAT is divided by grade level. In general, the OLSAT Level E is administered to students in 4th and 5th grades. However, it’s best to check with your school in advance, as some schools may test above or below grade level.

The OLSAT Level E is made up of 72 questions: 36 Verbal questions, and 36 Nonverbal questions. Both the Verbal and Nonverbal sections have subcategories, which each include specific question types. In total, the OLSAT Level E includes 15 question types. See the table below for the breakdown:

Verbal Nonverbal
Verbal Comprehension Verbal Reasoning Figural Reasoning Quantitative Reasoning
Antonyms Arithmetic Reasoning Figural Analogies Number Series
Sentence Completion Logical Selection Pattern Matrix Numeric Inference
Sentence Arrangement Word/Letter Matrix Figural Series Number Matrix
Verbal Analogies
Verbal Classification


Read more about the OLSAT.



Free OLSAT Sample Questions

Try out our free OLSAT 4th & 5th grade sample course to see what the OLSAT’s questions look like and to get a feel for the courses we offer:

OLSAT 4th-5th Grade (Free)


You can also take a look at this PDF or the sample questions below:


The opposite of seldom is:

a. rarely

b. scarcely

c. immense

d. intense

e. often

Answer: The correct answer is often. Seldom means rarely or not often. This would make often the correct answer.


Sentence Completion

Despite his best attempts, trying to train his puppy proved _____ as the adolescent canine continued chewing on all the furniture.

a. futile

b. successful

c. effective

d. furious

e. lazy

Answer: The correct answer is futile, which means pointless or having no result or effect. Notice the word despite, which is a linking word. This tells us that even with his “best attempts”, he was unable to have any success training his dog.

Sentence Arrangement

Rearrange the words below to make the best sentence. Once the sentence is rearranged, what letter would the last word begin with?

tall   highest   to   was   shelf   the   reach   the   man   able

a. T

b. S

c. H

d. M

e. A

Answer: The correct answer is S. When rearranged, the sentence reads: “The tall man was able to reach the highest shelf.” The last word is shelf, which beings with the letter S.

Arithmetic Reasoning

There are 100 picture books at a bookstore. One quarter of the books are sold on Monday, 31 books are sold on Tuesday, and 7 more are sold on Wednesday. On Thursday, 5 books are returned. How many picture books are left at the bookstore?

a. 37

b. 22

c. 39

d. 42

e. 51


Answer: The correct answer is 42. There are multiple steps to this problem. Let’s break it down by day.

Monday: We start with 100 books. One quarter of them are sold, and one quarter of 100 is 25. We now subtract 25 from 100 to find how many books are left: 100 – 25 = 75.

Tuesday: We now start with 75 books. 31 of them are sold, so we now subtract 31 from 75 to find how many books are left: 75 – 31 = 44.

Wednesday: We now start with 44. 7 of them are sold, so we now subtract 7 from 44 to find how many are left: 44 – 7 = 37.

Thursday: We now start with 37 books. 5 books were returned, meaning we now must add 5 to 37 to find how many books are left: 37 + 5 = 42. This makes 42 books the correct answer.

Logical Selection

A hotel must have _____

a. a swimming pool

b. beds

c. a spa

d. an elevator

Answer: The correct answer is beds. While some hotels have swimming pools, spas, and elevators, these are not necessary parts of a hotel. A hotel must have beds. 

Word/Letter Matrix

OLSAT Word Letter Matrix Sample Question 4th & 5th Grade

a. bean

b. bent

c. pant

d. pent

e. pain

Answer: The correct answer is pain. In the top row, the first two items are bet and bat. The word beat is the last word in the row. This is a combination of the first two words, in that the first letter (b) and the last letter (t) are the same in all the words, and the middle two letters in beat (e and a) are taken from the first two words (bet and bat). 

The second row will have a similar pattern. The first two items are pan and pin, so the correct answer will be a word that combines them in the same way, taking the middle letters from those two words (pan and pin), making pain the correct answer. 


Verbal Analogies

humble → arrogant :: → ancient

a. modest

b. modern

c. pompous

d. antique

e. classical

Answer: The correct answer is modernHumble and arrogant are antonyms, since they have opposite meanings. Ancient and modern are also antonyms.

Verbal Classification

The words below go together in a certain way. One of them doesn’t belong with the others. Which one doesn’t belong?

brisk   rapid   swift   hasty   sluggish

Answer: The correct answer is sluggish, which means slow-moving. The rest of the answer choices are all synonyms which means quick or fast.


Harry is taller than Alexis. Samantha is shorter than Alexis. Tom is taller than Samantha. Which of the following must be true?

a. Samantha is the shortest

b. Tom is the shortest

c. Tom is the tallest

d. Harry is the tallest

e. Alexis is taller than Tom


Answer: The correct answer is Samantha is the shortest. For questions like this, it can be helpful to write down the names to determine the order. We know that Harry is taller than Alexis, and Samantha is shorter than Alexis. This means, from tallest to shortest, the order must be:


The last piece of information is that Tom is taller than Samantha. However, we don’t have enough information to determine if Tom is also taller than Alexis or Harry. This means that the only statement that must be true is that Samantha is the shortest.


Figural Analogies

CogAT Nonverbal Sample Question


Answer: The correct answer is the third option. In the top row, there are four shapes in the first box: a large grey square, two small white circles, and a small blue pentagon. In the second box, each of these shapes has changed. First, the large grey square becomes two smaller grey squares which move to the top left and bottom right corners. Second, the two white circles become on larger white circle. Third, the pentagon does not move or change size, but it changes colors from blue to green and rotates upside down. Notice that the layering of the shapes stays the same as well: the grey squares remain in the back, with the white circles in the middle and the pentagon in front.

The bottom row will have the same pattern. This means the large blue circle will becomes two smaller blue circles, the two smaller yellow triangles will become one larger yellow triangle, and the purple heart will stay the same size but will rotate upside down and change colors. The layering will stay the same as well, meaning that the circles will be in the back, the triangle will be in the middle, and the heart will be in the front.

Pattern Matrix

OLSAT 4th-5th Grade Pattern Matrix Sample Question

Answer: The correct answer is the third answer choice. There are patterns going both across each row and down each column. First, let’s look at the patterns going across. In the top row, there are two changes when moving from left to right. First, the colors of the cross and heart switch, so that in the first box, the heart is black and the cross is white, and in the second box, the heart is white and the cross is black. In the last box, they switch back again. Second, the heart moves around the cross in a counterclockwise direction. The same pattern appears in the second row. 

Next, look at the patterns going down each column. First, when going down from the first row to the second, and from the second to the third, the cross rotates slightly in the clockwise direction. Second, when going down from the first row to the second, a blue circle is added in the middle of the frame. From the second to the third row, a white diamond is added on the right side of the frame. This means that the correct answer will have a white cross rotated slightly clockwise, a black heart near the bottom of the circle, a blue circle in the middle, and a white diamond on the right side. 

Figural Series

OLSAT 4th-5th Grade Figural Series Sample Question


Answer: The correct answer is the first answer option. Going across the series, there are two patterns to notice. First, the square rotates 90 degrees clockwise going from one frame to the next. Second, in each frame, a new black square is added directly next to the previous black square.

Number Series

41   45.6   38.6   43.2   36.2   ?

a. 29.2

b. 39.8

c. 40.8

d. 42.8

e. 41.4

Answer: The correct answer is 40.8. There are two patterns in this question. First, 4.6 is added from the first number to the second (41 + 4.6 = 45.6). Then, 7 is subtracted (45.6 – 7 = 38.6). This pattern then repeats (38.6 + 4.6 = 43.2). Continuing this pattern, the correct answer will be 36.2 + 4.6, which is 40.8.

Numeric Inference

The numbers below are related according to the same rule. What is the missing number?

OLSAT Numeric Inference Free Sample Question 4th & 5th Grade

a. 111

b. 121

c. 132

d. 99

e. 108

Answer: The correct answer is 121. The first pair of numbers is 7 and 49. The relationship between them is that 7² = 49. The second pair of numbers is 9 and 81, and these numbers have the same relationship: 9² = 81. This means the correct answer will be 11², which is 121.

Number Matrix

The numbers in the box go together in a certain way. What number belongs in place of the question mark? 


OLSAT Number Matrix Free Sample Question 4th & 5th Grade

a. 53

b. 49

c. 39

d. 43

e. 27


Answer: The correct answer is 39. Going across the first row, the pattern is (x3, -12). 31 x 3 is 93, and 93 – 12 is 81. The second row has the same pattern: 24 x 3 is 72, and 72 – 12 is 60. The bottom row must follow the same pattern as well. 17 x 3 is 51, and 51 – 12 is 39, making 39 the correct answer. 

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As you can see above, the OLSAT’s question styles are unlike anything your child has seen in the classroom. Preparation for this test is crucial and could be the difference between your child making it into the gifted program or missing the cut. Get started with our comprehensive OLSAT course that includes detailed lessons, quizzes, realistic full-length practice tests, and a helpful parent guide with study tips and recommended study schedules.

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