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Even if you’ve waited until the last minute, there’s still time to help your child prepare and go into the test feeling calm, confident, and ready to go. Our last-minute course includes a full-length CogAT practice test.


Elm Academy’s Online CogAT Course

Our CogAT 2nd Grade – Last Minute Prep Course offers:

  • 1 full-length practice test (154 questions)
  • Thorough explanations for every question
  • Audio instructions for Sentence Completion questions
  • Suitable for the CogAT Form 7 and the newer Form 8
  • Instant online access via desktop, smartphone, or tablet
  • 30-day license

*Note that our Last Minute products include only a full-length practice test and do not include the lessons, quizzes, and study guides that are included in our full courses.

For a more comprehensive practice experience that includes 90 additional practice questions and a parent guide, check out our full CogAT course:

CogAT 2nd Grade

Realistic CogAT Practice Tests

Practicing with realistic, timed, full-length tests is the best way to prepare for a test like this. It allows your child to become familiar with the question types so that they aren’t seeing them for the first time on test day. This is especially true with the CogAT, which has many unique and potentially confusing question types that your child is likely not familiar with.

Practicing with full-length tests also helps your child work under the pressure of the limited administration time. All in all, experiencing a realistic practice test will make taking the real test a less stressful experience for your child, and will allow them to perform to the best of their abilities.


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About the CogAT 2nd Grade

The CogAT, or Cognitive Abilities Test, is a standardized multiple choice test that is often used to assess children for gifted and talented programs.

The basics:

  • 154 total questions
  • 3 batteries with 3 subtests each
  • 2-3 hours administration time
  • Paper-and-pencil or online
  • Reading not required. Instructions on verbal section are read aloud

The CogAT is divided by age level. This means that the CogAT Level 8 is administered to children who are 8 years old. As this age often corresponds with being in 2nd grade, many schools will administer the CogAT Level 8 to all 2nd graders. 

The CogAT Level 8 is made up of three separate tests, called batteries: the Verbal Battery, Quantitative Battery, and Nonverbal Battery. Each of these batteries is further divided into three subtests, meaning that in total there are nine subtests. While it is recommended that students take all three batteries, schools may choose to only administer one or two of them at a time. In total, the three batteries add up to 154 questions. 

The table below breaks down the three batteries into their three subtests:

Quantitative Battery Verbal Battery Nonverbal Battery
Number Puzzles Sentence Completion  Figure Matrices
Number Series Picture Analogies Figure Classification
Number Analogies Picture Classification  Paper Folding

On younger test levels, including the Level 8, the Verbal section doesn’t test traditional verbal abilities such as reading and writing. Students who take the Level 8 will not be required to read or write on the test. Instead, the test measures listening abilities. Students will be presented with figures and images, and the teacher administering the test will read the instructions out loud for each question. The instructions for this section are also available to be read aloud in Spanish for Spanish-speaking students.

An abridged version of the test, called the CogAT Screening Form, is used to assess students more quickly. It contains only one question type from each section: Number Analogies from the Quantitative Battery, Verbal Analogies from the Verbal Battery, and Figure Matrices from the Nonverbal Battery. The questions are the same as the ones that appear on the full CogAT, so our courses can be used to effectively prepare for the CogAT Screening Form.

Read more about the CogAT.



Free CogAT Sample Questions

Try our Free CogAT 2nd Grade Course to get a small sample of what our course offers:

CogAT 2nd Grade (Free)


You can also try the free 2nd grade CogAT sample questions below. There are 9 questions, one for each specific question type.

Number Puzzles

CogAT 2nd Grade Free Number Puzzles Sample

a. 4

b. 5

c. 6

d. 7

Answer: The correct answer is 5. To answer this question, we need to figure out what number to add to 9 to get to 14. If you add 9 + 5, you get 14. This makes 5 the correct answer.

Number Series

CogAT 2nd Grade Free Number Series Sample

CogAT 2nd Grade Free Number Series Sample


Answer: The correct answer is 9 beads. From left to right, there are 1, 3, 5, and 7 beads. We can see that the pattern is adding 2 beads to every row. This means the correct answer will have 2 more beads than 7, making 9 beads the correct answer.

Number Analogies

CogAT 2nd Grade Free Number Analogies

CogAT 2nd Grade Free Number Analogies

Answer: The correct answer is 5 lemons. In the top row, there are 3 apples in the first box. In the second box, there are 5 apples. This means that from the first box to the second, 2 apples are added (3 + 2 = 5).

The bottom row should follow the same pattern. In the first box, there are 3 lemons. This means the second box should have 5 lemons (3 + 2 = 5).

Sentence Completion

These questions will have instructions read aloud by the teacher. We have included audio files like the one below in all Sentence Completion questions in our course.

CogAT 2nd Grade Free Sentence Completion

Answer: The correct answer is the building blocks. The basketball, basketball hoop, and baseball are all used for playing sports, but the building blocks are not.

Picture Analogies

CogAT 2nd Grade Free Picture Analogies

Answer: The correct answer is the baseball. In the top row, the first picture is a tennis racket. The second picture is a tennis ball. Both are used to play tennis, and when playing, you hit the ball with the racket.

The bottom row should have the same relationship. The first picture is a baseball bat. This means the second picture should be something else that you use to play baseball. It should also be what you hit with the bat. This makes the baseball the correct answer.

Picture Classification

The three pictures in the top row are like each other in some way. Which picture in the bottom row goes best with the pictures in the top row?

CogAT 2nd Grade Picture Classification Free CogAT 2nd Grade Picture Classification Free

Answer: The correct answer is the orange. These are all fruits.

Figure Matrices

CogAT 2nd Grade Figure Matrices Free

CogAT 2nd Grade Figure Matrices Free

Answer: The correct answer is the grey triangle pointing to the right. In the top row, the first box has a white arrow pointing up. In the second box, there is a grey arrow pointing right. From the first box to the second, the arrow rotates on its side, and changes color from grey to white.

The bottom row will have the same pattern. In the first box, there is a white triangle. The second box should have the triangle rotate on its side, and the color should change from white to grey.

Figure Classification

The three pictures in the top row are like each other in some way. Which picture in the bottom row goes best with the pictures in the top row?

CogAT 2nd Grade Figure Classification Free

CogAT 2nd Grade Figure Classification Free

Answer: The correct answer is the red triangle. All of these shapes are triangles.

Paper Folding

CogAT 2nd Grade Paper Folding Free

Answer: The correct answer is the first choice. The paper is folded in half once vertically, then a pentagon is cut out. When it is unfolded, there will be 2 pentagons on either side of where the paper was folded with a little space in between them.

Start Practicing Now

As you can see above, the CogAT’s question styles are unlike anything your child has seen in school. Preparation for this test is crucial, even if it’s just the day before!

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